August 6

What You Need To Know About The SEO Conference Of The Year

Ungagged SEO ConferenceYou may have been wondering what the Ungagged SEO conference is all about: the venue, tickets and the dates. Well, here are some insights on the subject.

What Is The Ungagged Conference?

The Ungagged conference is organized and sponsored by BHW (BlackHat World) with the aim of bringing together business and corporate people from all over the world, enabling them to have a platform where they can share their skills and ideas on digital marketing. The most successful people in search engine optimization will attend this conference and share their success stories with every attendant. They will teach lessons that will help every organization get to the next level in terms of profitability, growth and sustainability.

The Ungagged conference will enable every speaker to share their insights without restrictions. It offers the corporate person to know the type of products that will sell more on the online platform. It offers individuals insights on how to launch products successfully. One learns on how to deal with the challenges of online marketing. Most importantly, people can identify their areas of weaknesses, strengths, and the opportunities and threats in online businesses. This conference is what people need in order to get into a world of unlimited profits and opportunities.

Speakers Attending

Some of the world-famous speakers attending the first SEO conference are: Scott Stratten, Erika Napoletano, Jeremy Schoemaker, Brad Gosse, Dave Snyder, Rae Hoffman, Damien Trevatt, Justin Gilchrist, Lane Becker, Matthew Woodward, Thomas Smale, Illan Nass, Jacob Hagberg, Brian Vance, Oliver Roup, Mark Ress, Joe Sinkwitz, Rami Essaid, Brian O’Neil, E. Brian Rose, Jerry West, Len Feloy, Roy Radar Reyer, Brian Massey, Gavin Preston and Luke McCormack among many others.

All the speakers attending the conference have different insights to offer the audience. These gurus are not only successful, but they have been influencing the industry with their digital marketing secrets. The Ungagged conference may be the only place you will ever find all of these speakers in one place – so it’s an event not to be missed.


The SEO conference will be held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. This venue was selected because it can accommodate so many people, and all of the facilities provided are world-class. You can access the venue by cab or bus from McCarran International Airport, or of course by rail or bus if you live in the United States.  Las Vegas is a major world destination so there are numerous flights per day from just about anywhere. Leave some extra time to enjoy the city – it’s one of the most exciting and interesting cities you’ll ever visit.

Tickets and Rates

People have to buy tickets in advance because there attendance is strictly limited. Organizers are offering varied rates depending on the type of ticket that you choose, and when you make your payment, with early bird tickets by far the best buy. Also, people who buy tickets as a group will enjoy discounted rates. Rates range between 555 dollars and 1945 dollars.


People who pay for the conference will enjoy premium rooms at Caesars Palace at very reasonable rates. However, if you wish to stay elsewhere, those arrangements are possible as well.

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August 2

Matthew Woodward: Featured Speaker At Ungagged

In the online marketing there are some people who have scaled the heights, done incredible things and inspired many. With their amazing work, they catch attention from all round the globe. Matthew Woodward is among these people. From the northwestern region of the UK, Matthew Woodward, 26, is making a living by his full time work on the internet. He is one guy who thinks, eat and sleep online. Through his passion he has impacted on the success of many businesses by his amazing work. And he will undoubtedly draw one of the biggest crowds this year at the Ungagged SEO Conference.


Matthew started his online career when he was thirteen years old as a games writer for games reviews, where he worked at a website called NintendoPhiles. It is here that he developed a very strong interest in the games industry which led him to create his first community based website.

Through his website, people could share their videos and demos at a time when YouTube did not exist yet. This gave them a platform to show their talents therefore making much progress. Most people have merged out to be stars though his works.

Matthew believes he was the first person to ever do a 360 no scope in a multiplayer FPS game in 2003, and he welcomes anyone who wishes to do so, to prove him wrong. The release of the first video got a huge viewership which gave him high popularity. He always met his fans who showed much love for his work. Some had kept a lot of his videos which he, personally, did not even keep.

Over time, Matthew developed his own online marketing skills. He enjoyed messing around with websites because of his strong passion he had for the online work. Matthew was very dedicated and he put a lot of effort for the work he loved.

Over time he became the head of online marketing for one of the biggest companies in all of Europe. He assisted in online marketing for websites such as Ada, Tesco, Orange, Motorola and Samsung. His work was so successful that he continued to rise through the ranks at the companies where he worked. With his skills, he has helped many websites with their own SEO management. He has developed an incredible number of websites and ranked them very high within a very short period of time.

His success has made his personal blog,, one of the biggest online destinations for internet marketers, with thousands of visitors every day.

His passion lies in SEO. Ranking a website is what drives him. It makes him get confident, and has turned him into one of the biggest search engine gurus on the net. Most people fear Google and their regular algorithm updates, but he is always ready for the challenges that algorithms bring.

Matthew’s success came as a result of research and hard work. Experimenting on his blog to see how it performed, he got impressive results, which motivated him to go out and help others. Matthew will be sharing his experience, views and insights at the Ungagged CEO conference in Las Vegas this wall and will certainly be a huge attraction.

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April 20

Keywords – A Big Key To Ranking

For many search engine experts, writing is not just data entry. Black Hat World has exposed many people to positive ideas when it comes to writing web content and having the right kinds of keywords in their content. When one writes poorly without a clear picture of what your site is about, the search engines will certainly not rank your site on top of the list. New techniques for writing have always been discussed year in, year out – but there are important techniques to be aware of. A writer and online promoter needs to know that that content must not be spammed with keywords. Spamming is a bad practice in SEO.

Even though you can always escape poorly written content by hiring a professional writer, a major key is to always conduct thorough keyword research. Also look for the right placement terms so that your articles don’t sound repetitive. Most students learn English in classes and they are always told not to repeat words twice in a sentence. Well-done SEO can sometimes break some of these writing techniques with no problem at all, but only if the writing is top-notch, and keywords are placed correctly. Writing decently and well will definitely camouflage your use of keywords from the engines.

Black Hat professionals and experts encourage proper research of a keyword and content. The two run concurrently. Researching will definitely expose your customers to good content and give them a good knowledge of what you have in store for them. Using hyperbole isn’t effective with news, promotional or any other online form of writing. So long as the keywords are incorporated the writer has to ensure there is good content all the time. If it’s a product then focusing on what the benefits of the product are will keep people glued to a site. Through research the writer will be able to make this content interesting and make sales.

Written content has to be all round with proper arrangement of words which also have to come in just the right numbers. SEO isn’t easy when it comes to content. Look for the right words which are likely to optimize your content. Identify the keyword phrases which are in the right niche. Ensure your keyword blend is good as well, using long tail kepwords as well as primary ones. This would mean that you have to brainstorm on numerous words and ensure they blend perfectly with your article. There are many keyword tools available now, and more keep coming, as black hat professionals continue to innovate. Such tools are very crucial as words help with optimization. Combine a good tool with your imagination to come up with an extensive keyword list, in order to maximize your traffic.

Finally, ensure you make your keywords count. A good combination of effective prose and keyword research is recommended for your content. SEO changes all the time, as do trends in every niche. Therefore if you focus on the basics for the keyword and maintain originality then your site will always content for the first page and perhaps even the top rank in search engines.

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March 22

Internet Marketing Ideas for Business Owners

Many business owners are interested in internet marketing. The industry has seen a boom in the recent past with many entries of new players and professionals alike. There are so many things that internet marketing can do for one’s business that many business owners are amazed at the results they see with a great website and search engine optimization. The key focus, however, is to ensure that a business site has more visitors and generation of traffic to a site. Websites that have seen good traffic are in a good place to make big sales and even post adverts which in turn earn a lot of money. Because of the importance of internet marketing, the leading online IM site on the web, Black Hat World, is organizing a major conference to help people know of new trends in online marketing. The gathering will also serve as an SEO conference, since optimization is a key tool in ensuring that sites are ranked highly in the search engines.

Even though one can purchase e-books, participate in forums and search all over the blogs to know about SEO, the ultimate way which has proven fruitful for many is to attend SEO conferences like the Ungagged meeting organized by BHW. Here you get to learn about the internet and its fullest potential when it comes to both revenue and maximizing profits. You might be interested in SEO either to learn or for the good of your business. Either way you look at it, the conference will still prove essential for you because you can meet consultants, agency representatives and other professionals in the industry. Most businesses prefer to delegate the marketing task to agencies instead of doing it by themselves, since it has been proven that delegating such tasks is more productive. However, smaller businesses and independent contractors need to know these techniques and how to use them.

Many topics touch on internet marketing. The recent game changer has been social media which is rapidly growing. As much as the focus on internet marketing is on search engines, social media also commands a big share because it is the next big thing. Attending the conference will let you know more about making your computer be your office and a goldmine. Internet promotions and marketing services are also relatively less costly compared to other forms of marketing. You can always approach a senior expert or professional and partner up to help push your business to the online world because it is certainly not an easy thing to achieve on your own. Internet marketing is a campaign which requires networks and plenty of work.

SEO experts, professionals and companies are the driving force behind the success of many businesses online. All these entities either have optimizers or are the optimizers. Their work is to ensure they are up to date and know how search engines work. They are also able to gauge what people search for when online. When optimizing a website the primary focus is to edit the contents, use HTML and other associated coding to increase its relevance. This is done through good placement of keywords and indexing activities of the search engines. The industry is well organized and is very competitive. In the long run SEO is important for each and every business.

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February 6

Is Website Ranking Important For Your Business?

When you start your business, your ultimate goal is simply getting the highest number of customers. Acquiring customers requires proper strategies – and going to the internet to find clients is one of the best ways to find them. Nowadays most people access the internet. So online marketing will probably work for you. After making a website for your business, you need to ensure you attract as many customers as possible. To achieve this, all you need to do is get a SEO expert to do make everything work for you.

SEO is a technique that helps your website to get more visibility by increasing its ranking in the search engines. There are a number of ways in which high ranking helps your website – and companies that specialize in search engine optimization know them all.

First, when the internet user is looking for information from the internet by using a search engine, it goes through millions of pages containing relevant information and comes up with the ones with the most relevant information according to the information searched. With a SEO expert you will understand how your website will be selected among the millions and make it to the top. With this you will reach your target audience easily and be able to deliver the kind of information you wanted.

SEO techniques will keep your in front of you competitors. Your site will be visible on top of the search results where your customers will see them when the other competitors’ pages appearing far in the next pages. Research has indicated that very few people navigate to the results displayed in the next pages. This will give you the advantage to hit your targets so fast.

With a high ranking, you will get to easily connect with your customers and show them your products. Through this they will contact you for the delivery. For a company which keeps on coming up with new products, your website needs to be on the top for your customers to know the latest products that are out.

For a successful business, advertisement is very important. Despite online marketing being cheaper than the traditional methods, it may not be of great importance if the customers you are targeting don’t get your message simply because your website has a low ranking and therefore hidden in the far pages. This can greatly impact your returns. Getting a high ranking will make you reach the customers of your target within just a single click of a button. This will assist you not to go back to the old methods of advertising which are very expensive limiting your profits.

With a high ranking you will get more customers who also want to advertise their businesses online. Once they know your website in number one on the search list, they will definitely approach and want to attach their advertisement to your website. This will help you get extra returns and also give your business a good reputation.

By getting the right SEO expert, you will be able to make your business on the top ranking and reap the benefits.


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